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Marcus Bond - BOND business communication
Marcus Bnd and Dietmar Dahmen with transformation BAMM!

BOND PR agents Marcus Bond

Late 90s Studied business administration.
Diploma thesis on "The effects of the Internet on industrial and service companies" (1997!)

PR & Marketing at Bayer Schering, the German Institute for Public Relations,Prof. Dr. George Autumn and other great mentors.

Then - dream job - five years as press spokesman at thePixelpark Group, the epicenter of the new economy in Europe. We communicated about digital projects for DAX customers, the IPO, internationalization and much more. to SPIEGEL, FAZ, Handelsblatt, W&V, ARD, ARTE, ... 

From the leading internet agency we went to the leading CMS provider, RedDot, later Opentext: 5 years as press spokesman, marketing manager and copy editor with all the trimmings.

I have been happily self-employed with BOND Business Communication since 2009. I support – mostly for many years – customers from the digital business such as: network core,BRANDGUARDIANDAM United,CognigyAgillicSitecore, e-Spirit, Aperto - An IBM Company,companion,edicos,spheosWeb Excellence Forum


Or sometimes on a project basis, e.g.Microsoft (Azure),Opentext,Software AG,Tealium Inc,Lionbridge, onrooby,Catoma or Lytho.

In 2015, BOND Business Communication was named one of the “Best Communication Agencies” by brand eins and Statista. A great honor, especially for a one-man agency! 

2021: Cooperation with DOK Magazine - I deliver the cover interviews and talk to well-known creators and thought leaders likeMatthias Horx,Dietmar Dahmen,Dr. Jochen Kalka, Bitkom PresidentAchim Berg and much more. about current business trends.

2022: Business communication with a difference: For netzkern I worked with the multiple Poetry Slam champion Lars Ruppel "Business Poetry Videos" created. They are the core of an international social media campaign and creatively spice up the customer's website, landing pages, presentations and webinars. 

Would you like to become better known for your solutions and services and reach the right people in the right channels? Then please contact me! 

PS: my colorful communication meadow... 

2012: I wanted to create my own magazine: colorful variety of topics, super interesting, beautifully designed, printed on the best eco-paper.Bond's colorful world was only available to my network - with wonderful feedback.  

End 2017: Publication of the management book "Transformation. BAM!" together with the internally sought-after future expertDietmar Dahmen. + joint planning of the rockiest business club in DACH (unfortunately nothing came of it).

2020:Bond's colorful animal world is created - this time with stories about animals to AMAZING. 

2022: Bond forPro Animale: I support animal protection on a voluntary basis with my communicative expertise.

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